Signs that you are sleep-deprived

One of the common misconceptions about sleep deprivation is that you achieve a heroic feat when you don’t get enough sleep.

Some people may try to pride themselves in the fact that they don’t regularly get enough sleep because they want to achieve something. However, it is important to mention that our bodies need enough rest from time to time for them to function optimally.

Sleep deprivation comes with some adverse effects that affect our physical and mental health. Hence, paying attention to the signs of sleep deprivation will help you know if you’re getting enough sleep or not.

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You’re moody

One of the ways to tell that you are sleep deprived is when you are mostly moody. Sleep is greatly connected to our emotional health, so if you’re not getting sufficient sleep, it would tell on your mood.

Ultimately, it can affect your relationship with other people because your mood is not at its best. If you’re deprived of sleep, you might feel irritable, anxious, depressed, and cranky.

Your performance and productivity slips

Another way to know that you are not getting enough sleep is when it begins to affect your performance and productivity.

You might find it hard to meet your milestones and goals because you are not your best self. If you’re very good at something, you will discover that you may begin to record average performances. Creating more time for sleep will make you step up your performance over time.

You have an insatiable appetite

You can find out if you’re sleep deprived or not when you discover that you always want to keep eating even if you’re filled up. Most times, you might end up eating some particular foods or snacks because of the gratification that comes with it.

You feel sleepy during the day

One of the major signs of sleep deprivation is when you feel drowsy during the day. You might be working on something, but all you want to do is fall asleep. When this happens to you regularly, it is a sign that you need to get more sleep.  

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